Prosecution Rests In case From Admitted Boston Marathon Bomber

Enlarge this imageIn this March five, 2015 file courtroom sketch, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, middle, is depicted among defense lawyers Miriam Conrad, remaining, and Judy Clarke, appropriate, throughout his federal death penalty trial in Boston.Jane Flavell Collins/APhide captiontoggle captionJane Flavell Collins/APIn this March 5, 2015 file courtroom sketch, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, center, is depicted concerning defense lawyers Miriam Conrad, left, and Judy Clarke, appropriate, for the duration of his federal death penalty demo in Boston.Jane Flavell Collins/APAfter presenting emotional testimony with regard to the the actual physical destruction considered one of the bombs inflicted on 8-year-old Martin Richard, the prosecution rested in its scenario against admitted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. NPR’s Tovia Smith is inside of the courtroom home and she Terrell Suggs Jersey ‘s been Tweeting about the trial. She studies: gov calls healthcare examnr who atuopsied 8yo martin richard.mothers and fathers in 2nd row. mom’s been right here ev solitary day of trial-dad most #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March thirty, 2015 #Tsarnaev def attnys constantly mindful to respectfully encounter witne ses offering this type of emotional examination abt dying & injury. jahar not so much tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March 30, 2015 med ex shows martin’s clothes-celts shirt w/gaping hole on side, sleeve blown 2bits. pats T under also shredded/soaked w/blood #tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March thirty, 2015 med ex: catastrophic injuries to martin’s torso-organs exposed/eviscerated/outside body. a person piece of metal went all way thru him #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March 30, 2015 jurors wincing,emotional as med ex describes dreadful fatal injuries 2 martin. not 1single part of his little body escaped injury #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March 30, 2015 jurors see pics of all the debris collected from richards 4 1/2 foot, 70 lb body- BB’s, nails, all kinds of metal shrapnel #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March thirty, 2015 Med Examnr says martin died from blood lo s, and states the obvious: that all the injuries and burns would have been painful. #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March thirty, 2015 jurors weep &wince as they view images of martin’s remains.1 keeps hand by eyes, 1 holds head. martin’s dad wraps arm around mom#Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March 30, 2015 truly painful as prosecutor & med examnr point & circle various injuries on martin’s autopsy photo, technically describing each. #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March 30, 2015 excruciating detail of martin’s autopsy-going on longer than for other victims. ti sues all around the jury box- many look away #Tsarnaev tovia smith (@toviasmithnpr) March thirty, 2015 After that testimony, Tsarnaev’s protection lawyers did not have any questions, so the prosecution rested its case. The AP reviews:”Now that prosecutors have finished their scenario, Tsarnaev’s lawyers are presenting theirs. The protection has made it clear since testimony began March 4 that its strategy all through the two-phase demo is not to win an acquittal for Tsarnaev but to save him from the lo s of life penalty. … “The first witne s called by the protection Monday was Michelle Gamble, a field photographer for the FBI who testified at the behest of prosecutors earlier in the day. Gamble had been asked by prosecutors to identify the photo that showed Dzhokhar Tsaarnaev standing just feet behind Martin, his younger sister, the rest of the Richards family and other children. “The protection circumstance is expected to be relatively short. Once that is complete, jurors will deliberate on whether Tsarnaev is guilty on the thirty federal charges in opposition Jamar Taylor Jersey to him in the bombing, in Collier’s killing and for his role in a violent confrontation with police in Watertown. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed in the course of the confrontation, both by gunshots and from being run over by Dzhokhar as he escaped. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found more than 18 hours later hiding in a boat parked in a Watertown yard.”


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