“I didn’t want to do a biopic in the traditional

We are looking for Jeff to be even more consistent this season and hopefully get back to a major league organization. Kinley is a great guy in our clubhouse and really cares about the team. We expect big things from Jeff this year and I know he feels the same.”.

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It’s 1971 and University professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo wants to try a new social and psychological experiment. The idea was to take 18 young, well adjusted males and put half in the role of a prison guard and half in the role of a prison inmate. So are you willing to act right now? Maybe you do. You might even be excited now because you learned that it is indeed possible. The next question is, how? While believing that it can possibly happen is easy, learning how to do it is the next problem.

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Citing the British Dietetic Association, Lustig said that the average diet had way too much added sugars. The recommended amount is no more than fifty grams from sources including honey, sugar, fruit juice or jam. The average can of cola contains 65 grams of sugar or about thirteen teaspoons.

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