However, net banking and debit/credit card dealings

One such sophisticate is poet Ameer Dehlvi handsome and very frail. He is 90, and one is naturally inclined to worry for him in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, it has proved to be particularly fatal to the elderly. However, net banking and debit/credit card dealings are safer. This does not mean that cash on delivery is not a good mode. An additional amount of Rs.39 is to be paid if you opt for cash on delivery mode..

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One of the parents whose kids study in a school in Sector 40, Savita Bansal, said, daughter is in Class 9 and it has not even been a week since her school started taking online classes. The school has now released a schedule for unit tests starting next week. With almost minimal teaching, how do they think students can perform in these exams, she added..

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