At committee today: Election law overhaul, Facebook privacy breach, mental health on the farm

As the clock ticks down to the next election — which is now officially a little over a year away — Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould will get one more chance to make the case for her government’s proposal to overhaul the rules for the federal voting system when she goes before PROCEDURE AND HOUSE AFFAIRS. It will likely be her final appearance before the committee begins its line-by-line review of the bill. Federal elections officials have suggested it must be passed by the end of the year in order to be fully in force when the parties hit the hustings in 2019.

Meanwhile, as highlighted by iPolitics AM, ETHICS AND PRIVACY members are set to return their attention to the globe-spanning controversy over the allegedly unauthorized harvesting of private Facebook data by the now-defunct U.K.-based Cambridge Analytica.

On the witness list today: Zackary Massingham, CEO of B.C.-based AggregateIQ, who has been recalled to committee for further questioning on his company’s alleged involvement with the firm. This follows allegations by data-analyst-turned-whistleblower Christopher Wylie that his previous testimony may not have been factually accurate.

Also on the Commons committee circuit today:

  • PUBLIC SECURITY members will get the chance to quiz newly installed federal corrections commissioner Anne Kelly over the role of her office.
  • CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION members will examine “migration challenges and opportunities for Canada in the 21st century” with expert testimony from the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, as well as senior departmental officials.
  • Over at AGRICULTURE, industry representatives, academics and farmers’ advocates offer their respective and collective perspectives on the mental health challenges faced by Canadian farmers, ranchers and producers.
  • Retired senator Lt.-Gen. Romeo Dallaire discusses Canada’s contribution to international peacekeeping at NATIONAL DEFENCE.
  • FINANCE wraps up its first round of pre-budget consultations in Ottawa before embarking on a cross-country tour next week.

Committee highlights courtesy of our friends at iPoliticsINTEL.

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