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2nd and 3rd: the consideration that US people usually show about other countries (your same moral superiority) thinking they are the single democracy on earth, during reality being all the opposite. Especially, concerning privacy, you should try to be down-to earth and learn from other countries (inside the EU there are lots of good examples).

Oh boy, I gotta stop reading Mozifox news. Its just too hard to eat without becoming enraged. Time is ripe for the big fork. Wonder if the Pale Moon scene gets anywhere near able to a very genuine attempt to fork and target mainstream market share? Maybe with a few serious VC funding they might poach the residual Mozilla staff who actually have a clue what theyre doing almost certainly those working on the project in lieu of those in management.

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This introduces a worry. If you do not configure Enigmail to not encrypt/sign by default your entire outgoing messages shall be encrypted and signed. This is a problem in the event the recipient doesn’t always have your key. I recommend configuring Enigmail to never encrypt/sign automagically. To set this click on the OpenPGP menu entry within the MESSAGE COMPOSITION WINDOW (not the key Thunderbird window). From there click the Default Composition Options sub menu and after that select Signing/Encryption Options. A new window will show up (consideration to the left.) Make sure you de-select every one of the options inside the Message Composition section. Now you have to manually elect to sign and encrypt each message. It’s one extra step but your non-geek friends will we appreciate you it.

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Couldnt agree more. Its a real pity when we have to head for third party tools to correct all of the issues and annoyances with Windows 10. Such a pity when you consider that Windows 10 could be a well-accepted success if MS gave with additional control over updates, provided privacy options that really worked (regardless of whether deterred automatically), and cleaned up many of the inconsistencies within the UI.

Not quite.Ive stamped on Feedback and Diagnostics, some time ago (April?). Its powered down and greyed out. I think it was obviously a registry hack, however it was ages ago. Also without having updates allowed EVER on my own Win10, MS$ cant transform back on again. Of course, theres an opportunity its still doing something..who are able to ever be 100% sure?


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