Why Solenn is ‘happy sad’ today

Solenn Heussaff credits her former “Taste Buddies” co-hosts Isabelle Daza, Iya Villania, and Rhian Ramos for making work more fun.

Solenn Heussaff with Rhian Ramos, Isabelle Daza and Iya Villania (mb.com.ph)

Solenn Heussaff with Rhian Ramos, Isabelle Daza and Iya Villania

Isabelle was on the show from 2012 to 2014, then replaced by Iya until 2016. Rhian took over though it’s her last episode today.

“I think after my first or two years on the show, I didn’t really connect with people fully. But when they came, I started being more talkative and less reserved. Suddenly, work became more fun, more of a learning experience so it’s sad to see them go,” Solenn said.

Later she added: “In showbiz, you know, nothing lasts forever. But with me, I kinda got over that stage like you just need to be in the moment and appreciate everything that’s here and not always think of what ifs.”

Brightening up, Solenn said “Taste Buddies” will continue to promote local dishes.

“For me, I love everything whether it’s love my own or whether love what’s out there. I love to get to know different places; I love to get to know different types of people. So I got better appreciation but I’ve always known that we have so much to showcase in our country.

“I’m pro-Philippines. Even when I was studying Fashion Designing and Pattern Making in Paris, I made it a point that all of my collections are inspired by the Philippines.”

What Pinoy exotic food has she tried? Well, these include frogs, snails, goat’s brain, and raw cow’s innards.
She’s always been adventurous with food choices.

“I grew up with that. My parents never let me say no to anything. I mean I was raised to never reject food in front of you. Both my parents came from very poor family so whatever food is in the table, everything they offered me, I have to take it,” she said.

Asked what then is challenging about being on the show, she said it’s thinking of new ways to describe the show and “eating a lot.” Solenn said that there are times they try food in up to eight restaurants in a day!

“Whenever I go home, I’m really filled to the brim,” she shared with a smile.

Solenn spoke highly of Pinoy cuisine.

“Filipino food is one of the best foods that don’t really get much attention in the international scene. But I think in the last two years it’s been happening that people are really getting curious with Filipino cuisine. I think we’re slowly getting there and Pinoy food can be as famous as Thai and Vietnamese food.

“Pinoy food is a mix of everything else in Asia. There’s Malaysian in it, some Chinese in it – it’s really melting pot.”

“Taste Buddies” airs Saturdays at 8:45 p.m. on GMA News TV.

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