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With regular IRAs and 401(k)s, the tax treatment is different. Withdrawals are considered to be a proportionate return of your after tax money, Luscombe said. If you contributed $50,000 after tax and then withdrew the same amount from an account now worth $200,000, only one quarter of the money would escape tax..

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PsychotherapyPsychotherapy is essential for effectively treating anorexia. In kids and adolescents, the treatment of choice is family based therapy (FBT), also known as the Maudsley approach or Maudsley method, where parents play a positive and vital role. As one article noted, “FBT therapists serve as expert consultants to the families, supporting parents to assume ultimate responsibility for guiding their child through recovery.”.

They told us they don’t just want to read articles about Oakland; they also want tools and resources that can help them navigate life here, and help them impact local issues. They don’t just want breaking news about crises and tragedies; they also want more equitable, informed reporting on root causes. They want more opportunities to tell their own stories and shift harmful narratives, and to see the value of their communities reflected in local reporting.

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