The officer, Sergeant Brian Miller, was fired for

Nostalgia the first word that comes to my mind while describing Bon Iver’s second album. The band’s name, being also the second album’s title, is deriving from the French words ‘bon hiver’, simply meaning ‘good winter’, which is exactly the place where Bon Iver are trying to take us with their music. Personally, they send me back to when I was a little kid, looking out the window at snowflakes falling from the sky in the dark on a winter evening.

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This loss, so intense and unexpected. My condolences go out to family and friends who lost ones they love. “When I came to the NFL, the jerseys were baggy and I remember hating the jerseys I had with the Arizona Cardinals because they were so baggy, the sleeves, Jones recalled. “We would have to tape the sides of the sleeves up to the shoulder pads just so they wouldn hang down over our arms. And, if you lifted weights, you wanted your arms to show.

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