Oopiri Movie Review

Oopiri is the story of Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna) who is a businessman by profession and earns thousands of crores. Due to an unexpected accident, he gets paralyzed for the rest of the film and it takes him some years to get back to normal. It is during this time, he decides to hire a personal care taker with the help of his secretary Keerthi (Tamannaah). He finalizes Sreenu (Karthi) who is a thief by profession and is not interested to think about morals and relations. Vikram and Sreenu bond up well and they get habitual of solving each other’s problems without hurting others. Twist arises when Vikram asks his soul-mate Sreenu to leave home and the rest of the movie is about what happens next. Watch Oopiri to know about the complete film.


The first half of Oopiri will leave you, surprise you, touch you and will entertain you completely. The movie has been outstanding right from the first frame The entertainment has been well mixed along with the flow and the makers made sure that they did not add any commercial elements specially as they were not interested to disturb the flow of the film. The complete first half has been engaging with beautiful songs and stupendous technical values along with some power packed performances by the lead actors.

The second half of Oopiri takes a dip initially and the movie comes back at the right time. The second half has been slow in pace and the entertainment levels come down completely. The songs have been shot well and the director majorly concentrated on the emotions which are the major highlights. The pre-climax episodes have been shot completely well and the climax ends on a decent note.


King Nagarjuna who is on a success spree with Manam and Soggade Chinni Nayana should be well appreciated as he scored his third hit in a row. The movie has been completely impressive and he managed to perform to the peaks with his emotional side. Karthi is the other highlight of the movie and he has taken the film to the next level with his performance and he is the major source of entertainment in the film. Tamannaah has been fantabulous on screen and she did a decent role on screen. Jayasudha and Prakashraj has been outstanding with their performances in their limited roles. All the other actors have been decent.

The story of Oopiri has been taken from a French film The Intouchables and the screenplay, dialogues are the major reason for the film’s success. The songs have been shot well and the background score took the film to the next level. The cinematography has been scenic and the editing has been crisp. Production values by PVP Cinema has been stupendous and the makers have spent a bomb on the quality. Vamsi Paidipally proved that he can direct films of all the genres.


Nagarjuna and Karthi

Screenplay and Direction

Production Values

Music and Cinematography


Dips in Second half

Slow pace

Final Word:

Oopiri is an experience more than a film and the movie excelled in all the departments. Nagarjuna and Karthi took the film to the next levels with their outstanding performances which makes Oopiri a must watch.

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