I have Ivan Jeckell’s newspaper report on the

This class is not the only place where I have seen this erasure of important historical facts. In various tours of the city and in other classes, I have only heard Christopher Columbus discussed as a hero, without mention of his murderous and genocidal traits. While the dialogue in the United States is starting to change on Columbus, with the establishment of Indigenous People Day in Maine and various other states (save for our horrible Waterville mayor who is trying to reclaim Columbus Day), Spain does not seem to have https://www.nikenflcom.com begun reckoning with the numerous problematic aspects of Columbus and his conquests..

TORONTO Greenbrook TMS Inc. ( or the (TSX: GTMS) is pleased to announce the closing of its previously announced public offering (the of common shares of the Company (the Shares The Offering was made pursuant to an agency agreement (the Agreement entered into among Bloom Burton Securities Inc. And Clarus Securities Inc., as co lead agents, Canaccord Genuity Corp., Desjardins Securities Inc.

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(Of course, playing in the background here is another comparison between Alberta and Norway: the size of our sovereign funds. Norway’s 30 year old fund, built by fossil fuel revenue and allowed to grow unmolested over time, is worth $1 trillion US. Alberta’s 44 year old Heritage Savings Trust Fund, pillaged and starved over the years, is worth about $18 billion CAD)..

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