Championship conkers ‘imported from GERMANY’ as Brit crops ‘too tiny and shrivelled’

Panicked enthusiasts at the World Conker Championships, held in the UK next month, fear the event could be ruined due to the weak batch of nuts.

Organisers say they may have to fall back on European trees to provide the shiny brown seeds needed to keep the traditional playground duels alive.

It would be the first time in more than 40 years the event would be forced to use foreign horse chestnuts.

Conker supremo, St John Burkett, said: “The conkers are not the same size or quality this year.

conkers SWNS.COM

CONKERS: Going nuts for seeds (Pic: SWNS.COM)

“A supply for the World Championships is by no means assured”

St John Burkett

“A supply for the World Championships is by no means assured.

“At present, conkers are smaller, fewer and dropping earlier. There are decent conkers in Germany and we have competitors coming from there who can bring them in under EU rules.”

Mr Burkett revealed members were discussing a number of measures to allow competitors to carry on smashing each other’s hardened conkers.

They are debating freezing conkers so the tournament in Southwick, Northants, can start next month.

Unusually hot weather and dry conditions have affected conker numbers and size and recent strong winds have blown tens of thousands down before they have fully grown.

A spokeswoman for the Tree Council charity said: “The summer drought might cause the conkers to be smaller and brittle.”


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